About us  

November 2015

In this past year, we were able to significantly increase the export of the "Electroflux" products to the Russian Federation.

July 2014

This year, for the first time, we established a long-term import contract with a producer of dye-intermediates in the USA.

Dezember 2013
This year will be the most successful year in our 20-year company history. A significant factor for the success are the increased imports of intermediates from India.

Dezember 2012
In spite of a marginal decrease in revenue, we were able to hold the annual surplus to previous year level.

November 2011
We have started a sales campaign in the U.A.E., and have already made promising contacts to
a reputable firm in Dubai

August 2011
Methyldiethanolamin has been included in our trading range.

June 2011
We are expanding our import portfolio with 99% Triethanolamin.

January 2011
We have access to a stainless steel reactor for hydrogenation in India with an emission capacity of up to 1,000 tons per year. These custom synthesis capacities are available for interested prospects.

November 2010
The management has made the decision to phase out the nearly 10-year-old ISO 9001 and replace it with the obtained AEO status.

September 2010
Our efforts to obtain a customs certification have been successful and we are now an "Authorized Economic Operator Full (AEOF). This certification demonstrates that we are safe, reliable and operate at a high level in international business.

April 2010
With an Indian partner company, we begin the preparation of the distribution of generators used to produce nitrogen with the PSA process in Europe.

February 2009
We have taken over the distribution for the "Electroflux" product range of Wacker Chemie GmbH in Russia and the Ukraine.